Mesotherapy, Carboxytherapy, Pressotherapy and LPG

MESOTHERAPY is a technique described by Pistor in 1982 that tries to approximate the place of treatment to the place of the pathology. It consists in the injection of very small amounts of the drug at an intradermic level, and thanks to the intradermal surface complex it will remain for a long time in the area it has been applied on without passing to your general blood circulation –and therefore without interacting with any organ or body system.

In our centre, we use this technique to treat localized fat deposits and as complement to dietary guidelines in case of overweight or obesity.

CARBOXITHERAPY consist in the subcutaneous injection of carbonic anhydride (CO2). Once injected, this gas reacts to water and causes the production of carbonic acid with the following reduction in the pH tissue. A large oxygen amount is released in these tissues due to the Bohr effect. A vasodilatation also occurs and the blood flow speed increases. All of this combined activates the oxidation of fat cells and accelerates both the metabolic and regenerative process.

ENDERMOLOGY is a tissue kneading or lipomassage (LPG) technique used to treat those body areas that fight dietary treatments. It activates the lipolysis by releasing fat from adipocytes, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and it also increases the flexibility of retracted connective –supportive– tissue and drains excess fluid, so it is very useful to treat “orange-peel skin”. It is also an incredibly pleasant treatment and particularly recommended during pregnancy and lactation –periods when many other treatments are contraindicated.

PRESSOTHERAPY is an automatic massage method administered from ankles up to the waist to stimulate blood circulation and boost liquid drainage. We use the BALLANCER, system, particularly remarkable because of its efficiency and comfort. Like LPG, it is also recommendable during pregnancy and lactation.

MESOTHERAPY, CARBOXYTHERAPY, PRESSOTHERAPY and LPG are treatments that are often combined in different stages given that the synergy between them enhances the results and complement each other at the same time.