Fotografía exterior de centro médico neoderma

Why Neoderma?

In Neoderma Centro Médico we work for you to "discover the beauty within you", To do so, we offer our patients the newest medical technologies that help to improve our physical image for a really competitive price.

We help our patients to achieve improving their image and we inform and advise them about the most adequate treatments to get to their goal, which is none other than being happy and comfortable with their body image.

It has been shown that taking care of ourselves is the first step to improve our physical image and to enjoy our appearance. Any physical improvement increases our quality of life.

Many years of experience in this field places us in the Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Hair Removal elite. Our expert team counts with a vast knowledge in cosmetic-medical treatments, and its continuous training provides our patients with the most innovative treatments and techniques.

In our centre, you will solely be attended by medical professionals with long and proven experience in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, and with a personal and quality service. We adapt ourselves to each and every of our patients, always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Our facilities

Neoderma Centro Médico is located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, in Madrid, in an area of wide avenues and easy access both through public or private transport and with plenty of parking spaces nearby.

In our centre you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable environment since we count with different offices and lounges for our patients’ comfort and privacy.